RatioPlant® Avantgarde​



Simple colour system​

RatioPlant® Avantgarde Implants and drills are marked depending the diameter with the colours yellow, red, green, blue and white. This will simplify the surgical process already in preparation of the surgery and off ers additional safety during the surgery.


RatioPlant® Avantgarde Implants are available in five diameters and five lenghts. All implant sizes are distributed on three platforms:
Hereby the range of healing caps, tools as well as the prosthetic components is reduced to a minimum
Surgical steps – example
Surgical Phase – using the example of RatioPlant® Avantgarde 4.2 / 11.5
Healing phase

Prosthetic treatment

The following descriptions are not suffi cient for the immediate application of the RatioPlant® Implant System. We recommend the briefi ng into the handling of the RatioPlant® Implant System by an experienced surgeon. Fundamentally the RatioPlant® Implant System only should be used by trained dentists, implantologists and dental technicians.
Methodological errors can lead to the loss and damage to the peri-implant bone. Processing and application of the products are beyond our control and are under the responsibility of each user. Any liability for damage which caused in this case is excluded.

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