Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System​

Unmatched deliverability and XLIMUS performance


XLIMUS is considered as the ultimate coronary DES stent system to treat complex coronary artery disease by reaching and crossing the most challenging lesions.

Leading the future of drug-eluting coronary stenting.

No stent flaring.
No tissue prolapse.
Clinically effective.

Homogenous, clinically effective drug delivery optimizes the anti-proliferative protection of the stented lesion segment.
No stent strut flaring. No open gaps.
The technically high standard of 6-8-10 intermediate and closed-cell stent architecture covers all vessel diameters evenly. XLIMUS quality ensures the best possible intracoronary stenting stability and minimizes stenting trauma and restenosis. Extraordinary homogenous vessel wall scaffolding.

XLIMUS assists the cardiologist

with an optimal, unsurpassed tracking performance. It has an innovative Hydrophilic-coated shaft and an extra-low tip profile to access the most tortuous lesions. The ultra-low lesion crossing profile measures only 0.90 mm. The novel XLIMUS Sirolimuseluting coronary stent system protects the stented lesion segment through extraordinary homogeneous vessel wall scaffolding which minimizes the risk of tissue prolapse.
XLIMUS drug-coating technology
A novel drug-eluting, cobalt chromium coronary stent system, which provides clinically effective antiproliferative, drug delivery to the coronary artery lesion to prevent restenosis, followed by a rapid functional endothelial healing.
Following the nature.
Stent flexibility by design.
Pulse Synchronous Stent Dynamics respond to coronary artery movement, with every heart beat. Natural stent flexion minimizes friction and shear stress to avoid vessel wall trauma. For a lifetime patient safety!
Controlled biodegradable Sirolimus drug release for rapid functional endothelial healing.
The highly biocompatible Poly (lactic acid) drug containing release matrix degrades smoothly and provides an optimal release kinetic profile. Within 30 days, about 70% of the anti-proliferative drug is distributed into the surrounding arterial tissue of the stent struts, ensuring a highly effective inhibition of smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation. Pharmacokinetic study result confirm sustained anti-proliferative drug efficacy up to 120 days.

Thin stent struts minimize foreign body metal volume.

XLIMUS reduces the inflammatory signal potential for prevention of late restenosis.
Source: Peter Smits,MD, from the COMPARE trial presentation at TCT 2009. *XLIMUS low metal volume stenting. Caution! Thinner struts, much below 71μm may influence stent stability.

XLIMUS controlled biodegradable Sirolimus drug release.

XLIMUS ensures a controlled drug release
after stent implantation.

The widest range of 72 stent sizes.

Length (mm)
2.25 mm2.50 mm2.75 mm3.00 mm3.50 mm4.00 mm4.50 mm5.00 mm
8 mmXL 2.25–8*XL 2.50–8*XL 2.75–8*XL 3.00–8*XL 3.50–8* XL 4.00–8*XL 4.50–8*XL 5.00–8*
12 mmXL 2.25–12XL 2.50–12XL 2.75–12XL 3.00–12XL 3.50–12 XL 4.00–12XL 4.50–12*XL 5.00–12*
16 mmXL 2.25–16XL 2.50–16XL 2.75–16XL 3.00–16XL 3.50–16 XL 4.00–16XL 4.50–16*XL 5.00–16*
20 mmXL 2.25–20XL 2.50–20XL 2.75–20XL 3.00–20XL 3.50–20 XL 4.00–20XL 4.50–20*XL 5.00–20*
24 mmXL 2.25–24XL 2.50–24XL 2.75–24XL 3.00–24XL 3.50–24 XL 4.00–24XL 4.50–24*XL 5.00–24*
28 mmXL 2.25–28XL 2.50–28XL 2.75–28XL 3.00–28XL 3.50–28 XL 4.00–28XL 4.50–28*XL 5.00–28*
32 mmXL 2.25–32XL 2.50–32XL 2.75–32XL 3.00–32XL 3.50–32 XL 4.00–32XL 4.50–32*XL 5.00–32*
36 mmXL 2.25–36XL 2.50–36XL 2.75–36XL 3.00–36XL 3.50–36 XL 4.00–36XL 4.50–36*XL 5.00–36*
40 mmXL 2.25–40XL 2.50–40XL 2.75–40XL 3.00–40XL 3.50–40 XL 4.00–40XL 4.50–40*XL 5.00–40*

*Upon request, no lead time available

Technical Data
MaterialCobalt Chromium Alloy L-605
Total strut thickness73µm (71µm Alloy + 2µm coating layer)
Coating layer2µm
Device lengthsStent length = balloon length = markers distance
Metal to artery ratio14% average
Nominal pressure8 ATM
Rated burst pressure16 ATM except diameters 4.5 / 5.0 and
diameter 4.0 with length higher than 20mm (14 ATM)
Average foreshortening< 1%
Guiding catheter compatibility5F (0.058" ID) except diameters 4.5
and 5.0 —> 6F (0.071“)
Guidewire compatibility0.014" maximum recommended
Sirolimus (Rapamycin) drug-coating1.25µg/mm² stent surface

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